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Hello.  My name is James Antonio Marshall. By May 2015,  I am 9 years old. I was born on June 15, 2005.

James and BobbyBob

My family has traveled a lot.  To Ireland, to Bali, to Panama. On the  2011 Ireland trip I adopted a sheep and named him “Bobbybob” I was OBSESSED with the name BOB and thought it was funny! On the Bali adventure we were in a social park with ELEPHANTS!!! They were not just any old elephants. They were critically endangered Sumatran Elephants. On the Panama trip we toured what may be our FUTURE HOME TOWNS!! Isn’t that WILD?!? These are just a few of our travels, but they sure were good!

We are planning to travel the WORLD and end up in PANAMA!!! We have it all planned. The budget, the “then and there” stuff, and re-planning. For an example, a critically dangerous earthquake struck Kathmandu. We are now unable to see the beautiful ancient buildings we would otherwise. Now, instead we will see Northern India, since rebuild will take years.


James Lego

It seems that ever since I opened my box of LEGOs, I played with them a lot. I have many custom ships, and as many LEGO people. You might want to play with them some day!


Clash of Clans

I love Clash of Clans and  Animal Jam (I also like a fun game called Starbase Orion. It is based on the movie series Star Trek) . I like them because they are so social (Yes, I am a very social person). In Clash of Clans you can team up with clans, have clan wars, attack other players, talk to people, bookmark other and your own clan(s) and donate troops to people in your clan. In Animal Jam you can talk to people, trade with people, buddy people, go on adventures with people, and go to social parties.

Game Day 2015

Partying!! In 2014 and 2015 in the middle of the winter I hosted game days with my friends.  In the 2015 party we mainly played Gavin’s game invention “Zombie Tag” . They were fun and great!

James Atlanta

We have moved a LOT. I have never stayed in the same state for more than 4 1/2 years! When I was born, we lived in Eureka Springs, AR. When I was just 6 months old, we moved to Denver, CO. Then, when I was 3 years old, we moved to Fayetteville, AR, one of the state’s largest cities, though it was so small it was almost considered a TOWN!!! That’s funny! Then, after staying for 4 1/2 years, we moved here. To Atlanta, GA! I was 7 1/2. But now, we want to tap into the opportunities of an undivided family life in PANAMA!!! When we finally get there, I will be 10, almost 11! WOW!!! 11!!!! We have moved a LOT. From Eureka Springs to Denver to Fayetteville to Atlanta to Panama, the list might keep on growing!

31 thoughts on “Meet Round the World Kid

  1. Really looking forward to following you on your trip. Are you going to Rajasthan? I went, well before you were born. If you do I think you’ll love it. One bit of advice, no doubt you have heard, go veggie in India. 😊


  2. Hey James! I’m from Atlanta and I do a bit of traveling myself. Your site is cool and I’m looking forward to following your adventures. I’m going to Ireland next month. Aside of adopting sheep (which I may not be able to do, teehee), what else do you recommend I do there?


    • Hello and thank you for checking out and liking my blog. So you are going to Ireland next month, huh? Well, I don’t remember much from Ireland, since I was 6, but I recommend watching a demonstation of how the sheep dogs herd the sheep at the Kissane sheep farm in Kenmare, Ireland. It was really cool when I saw it 4 years ago, and I assure you you will love it!


  3. Look forward to your travels if your in Florida. I live in Tampa would love to introduce you to the kudzu take care of. I lived in Liverpool if you go there I help if I can. Safe travels.


  4. Hey James, travelling the world is a great thing to do. It can be hard to leave your friends, but exploring the world will make you a whole lot wiser as you get older. I am sure you and your family will enjoy your travels and I look forward to reading your blog.


  5. Happy to see your blog and looking forward to hear your stories! Feel free to contact in case you are coming to south India! 🙂 Happy Journey..


  6. hey james guess who i am im from spark im the kid with black here and tomahawk might give you a clue but hope your having a good summer


  7. Hello James this is your mita, is wonderful following your adventures, I also pray for your safety but I know that your Mimi and Kathy are watching over you, I love hearing your voice Monday that made my week, I am glad that you, Jason and Michelle are taking the world by the tail and are giving it a spin, and while you are at it please give a spin for me. Have a great adventure and I will keep in following you in my computer, I love you more than life itself and I miss you my grandson, don’t forget wherever you pick a small pebble for me. I will talk to you later. Love you all with all my heart.


  8. Hi James – the RTW kid! My mum’s birthday is June 15 too!! But she is much older than you. 🙂 I think you are a very special boy! I enjoy reading your blog. You are an awesome kid! Keep up the good work!!


  9. Hi James. Enjoying you and family photos and your blog. (I was your neighbor in Eureka Springs). It is thrilling that you are getting to enjoy this beautiful world.


  10. Hi James, it was really great to meet you and your family here in Rwanda and you are an awesome kid, i really loved you and i hope to see you one day with your parents.
    I will always follow your blogs,
    Thanks, Justine.


  11. Hey James;

    Love your blog. We too are a family that has a passion to travel. Just wanted to touch base as we are a rare breed 🙂
    Our three sons in 2016 are 7, 9 & 11 years old. they would love to meet you on the road one day 😉

    Wishing you and your family a safe, glorious adventure together.

    Prunella and family


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