My Family


I love my mom and my dad. They are the best parents in the world! This picture was taken in Bali 2012.


I love Andy ( I also call him Goldenfur, Andaboy, Thumper, Trouble, Dandy, Andy Dandy, Candy, and Thief) (Left) our 1-year-old cutie, and Maya (I also call her Cinnamonstripe) (right), our old, needy sweetie. Of course they are both sweet. All dogs are. As of the time I am writing this, May 17, 2015, Maya very recently turned 11 years old in human years. That is 77 in dog years! Wow! She is old enough to be his doggie grandma!


I have a huge extended family. The picture above is just my dad’s side of the family. And that’s not even all of us! Woah! I don’t even know everyone’s names there! This picture was taken in March 2015. Do you see me? I am on the bottom row. And my mom?!? She is next to me. And dad?!? He is far back. What about HIS dad?!? Or mother?!? Or brother?!?


This is my mom’s side of the family. There are a few of her cousins and aunts and uncles that are not here. I am the second child. My cousin Kyla is the oldest. Can you spot Kyla, me, Mom, and Dad?

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