Lesson Learned: Appreciated or Taken for Granted

JamesToday when we were walking around we started naming things we missed from the U.S. One thing that popped up was unlimited data and free/strong wifi. We took those two things for granted in the U.S. We thought we’d always have it no matter where we went. But now that we don’t have those things, we appreciate them. So the lesson learned is never to take ANYTHING for granted and to take advantage of things you have in the time you have them ESPECIALLY when they are about to go away. Always appreciate, never take for granted.

5 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: Appreciated or Taken for Granted

  1. We have found a balance now, but when we moved here we had no wifi for a year! We had tons of stuff to write about. Now we have the devices again and struggle to be creative because we’re not out and about as much. 1 cool thing… We are in the jungle of panama connected. The only wifi for about 20 miles.


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    Success can be achieved at any age and can take many shapes. My long time friend and her family recently embarked on a life changing journey. Along this journey, her son James is chronicling their advetures from around the world. In his latest entry, he highlights the topic of appreciation for things we often take for granted. In this short blog, I see how successful Michelle and Jason are for raising such a bright and reflective child. #gradtitude #onelifetolive #yolo


  3. Hi James, I’ve sent a couple comments to your blogs. But I’m not sure if you’re getting them. You’re a great writer — Obviously have the same talent your Mom does!

    So I’m trying a reply this way. I’ll get it figured out.

    And, I do hope the warthog ended up OK.


    • Oh. I got this one, but not the others. Thank you so much for saying that I am a great writer. But I can’t assure you that the warthog is still alive… because warthogs do have really short memories.


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