Ultimately Awesome Udaipur

Sitar Lesson
Sitar Lesson
One of the amazing dancers
One of the amazing dancers

We arrived in Udaipur. It was late at night. We ate, and went to bed. The next morning we got up, found a new hotel, packed up, and moved down the street. We didn’t like our first hotel because it was too loud. We just hung out at the second place all day, but the on next day, we went to to the City Palace. We learned lots of things, such as the fact that every Maharana, king of Mewar whose name meant ‘great warrior’, built his own lake in Udaipur, eventually creating the large lake that you see today. Chittorgarh was the capital of Mewar, but it was being attacked too frequently by the ever-expanding Moguls, so they moved the capital to Udaipur. Later we saw a dance show at Bagore Ki Haveli. My favorite part of that was the traditional Rajasthani puppets. Once, my new Italian friend, Francesco, was picked to pull some string out of a puppet. The puppet kept jumping at him, and he punched her away.

After Francesco was done, the ‘puppet whisperer’ said, “This time she has delivered a very weird message. She says he is so cute she wants to marry him.” That was hilarious.

Jammin' on the tablas!
Jammin’ on the tablas!

Our next active day was our last out of five. It was my mom’s birthday! We had lots of fun things planned. First we tried a sitar lesson. I eventually switched to the tablas, a kind of Indian hand drum, because the sitar was too frustrating. I picked up the tablas pretty quickly. We also did a sunset cruise of the lake. It was beautiful. Finally we had a snack and dinner. Udaipur was amazing. I love it.

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