The Legend of the Origins of the Pa-oh and Kayin Tribes of Myanmar

Pa-O Dinner FB
Pa-O women gathered in the kitchen of their home

Once upon a time, two princes were children. These children dreamed of becoming monks. When they grew up, the princes did become monks. They walked into a forest with a lake in the middle, found a cave, and started meditating. One day, their chemist went to go get some herbs. At the same time, a female dragon was flying around that forest. The dragon saw the chemist and fell in love. The dragon turned into her human form, and got married to the alchemist. They lived in a cave.

One night, the chemist saw his pregnant wife turn into a dragon. The next day, the chemist left to go gather medicinal plants. His wife, noticing that he didn’t come back, laid her eggs, and flew back to her native land. The two monks found the cave, picked up two eggs, and returned to their cave. About two or three months later, the eggs hatched. Two baby people crawled out of the egg. One baby was Pa-oh, and the other was Kayin, both tribes descendants of dragons!

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