Texas Times

James Splashtown

James and Victoria
Working on a science project with Victoria

“Pawpaw!” I yelled, hugging him.  He greeted me, mom and dad. Then we drove to Aunt Brenda’s house. She’s not actually my aunt. She’s my dad’s aunt. We stayed a little past lunch time. Then we said our farewells, and then drove to Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Keren’s house. We greeted them in the same manner we’d greeted Mita, Aunt Brenda, and Uncle Rick. Of course, I gave Andy, the family puppy (who is now 2), lots of love and attention. When I got tired of that, I played board games with Victoria, my slightly younger cousin. Later, I played Catan with Victoria and Pawpaw, a game which Pawpaw won. Victoria and I also played Dungeon and Munchkin. It was very fun. Also, for once in my life, I felt normal. Stuffed Animal PlayHowever, nothing was better than Stuffed Animal Wars! It was epic. Victoria and I split the stuffed animals with our other cousin, Kirsten. We used pillow pets as shields, and other stuffed animals, preferably round and fat, as swords. Others, which were too oddly shaped or to small to be used as swords, were projectiles, which we threw at each other. Sultan was one of the projectiles, for two reasons. We had tons and tons of fun.

Splashtown Cousins
Splashtown with Kyla and Elia

The tube fell away, and I went flying over the humps on the slide. No, not in midair. At the bottom, I slid past Aunt Colleen and my cousin Elia! I knew I’d won. However, not five seconds later, my other cousin, Kyla, came down next to me and barely got ahead. There went my victory! I later learned that the winner was the one who reached the bottom first. My favorite ride had a long drop. I remember Uncle David yelling a cuss word, and when it was my turn, I screamed, “God, dang it!” three times. Elia had to push us, because we’d stopped. Aunt Colleen and Kyla came down fine. At Splash Town, I had the time of my life.

Houston Birthday
Celebrating birthdays together!

I also played Minecraft and swam with my cousins. During mine and Elia’s joint birthday pool party, I was playing by myself when my dad said that everybody had ganged up on him and he needed my help. As he was saying it, Uncle David, Kyla, Elia, and my other two cousins, Cooper and Lilly, were shooting Dad with water guns. I told him that I was busy and he shouldn’t have been so aggressive towards them. Later, when I was simply minding my own business, he came, picked me up, and used me as a shield against my own will. Now who sounds mean?! I said that if he put me down, I would fight for him. (Spoiler alert: I always win). I found a water gun, and shot at Dad! I joined my cousins instead. We shot him till he got out of the pool. There was still a problem, though. One of the adults was still attacking us, with three two-year-olds as his comrades. On his side were Harper, Carson, and William, the triplets. They are Lilly’s siblings. It was a vicious battle, with water and toys flying all over the pool. We sprayed each other until cake time. After that, the triplets left. Also, Cooper’s little sister, Lexi, joined us. We had so much fun, with custom missions designed by Uncle David. It was enough fun to last a week!

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