Sad News…

Cousin Victoria and I with Mita (mi abuelita), 2012.

Sometimes in life, sad things happen. Really sad things happen. You can’t escape them. Sadness, like happiness, is natural, and a part of life. Sometimes, these sad things come unexpectedly.

Like when we found out that my grandma has cancer. It was heartbreaking. Even worse, it is fully developed, and can’t be cured because my grandma is too weak, and because of the kind of cancer. We decided that we had to be with her for as long as possible. So, we are heading back. I am very sad. She’s my closest grandma. This breaks my heart open. However, on the bright side, I’ll be able to play with my cousins. Also, we’ll be able to have Christmas with the family, which is nice.

We will pretty much settle in Dallas for a while. Hopefully, my grandma will get strong enough, and the chemo will work.  Anyway, we have no idea what is to come. I guess I’ll write about that in another post.

3 thoughts on “Sad News…

  1. Well said Jamesy….sorry you guys have had so much of this stuff hit you in the last couple of years. Hang in there.


  2. Dear James,

    Yes, sad things do happen in this life. And, you’re right, there’s no way to get away from them. Nor should a person try to. It’s only when a person is lucky enough to have friends and relatives they love that they experience the sadness of loss. It would be far sadder to have never had friends or loved ones.

    But along with the sadness of loss, there is also the gratitude that comes with love. Gratitude that your loved one has been removed from sickness and pain. It’s now possible to realize they are free from the ills of this world. We remember their love and are happy for them. This is a concept that people in the western world (to make a generalization) don’t value. But many cultures in the eastern parts of the world understand that life and death are not separate from each other. The second is a continuum of the first.

    Be at peace, James. Your Grandmother is feeling good now. And she loves you.

    Love, Pattie


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