My Time at Space Camp

Day 1:
I looked around, oohing and ahhing at every sight. That’s when I knew Space Camp would be awesome. At first, I thought it would be a lame, space-themed camp. However, I was proved wrong. We were all assorted into teams; I got Team Andromeda. All of the teams had a presentation about all of our exciting missions. I was very excited. I made some friends and played Madlibs until bedtime. Even though the other teams in our thirty-bed dormitory wouldn’t stop yelling, I managed to get a decent amount of sleep.

Day 2:
My second day at Space Camp was a bucket full of fun. I admit it, I was grumpy when I woke up in the morning, but that was the day when I learn how delicious Space Camp meals were. I also got a really cool flight suit that I wore. The flight suit made Space Camp feel ten times more real. I learned about where my mission would be and my role on that mission. I was super excited for the following day, and for a good reason, as if I could see the future.

Day 3:
My third day at Space Camp was a blast! (You see what I did there?) I went on a mission, on a stimulated version of the International Space Station (ISS). With a partner, I created two different kinds of slimes: one of them was clear, cold to the touch, and held together really well, while the other was white, warm, and chunky. We also went on some simulators that felt like they could be found in an amusement park. The first one, Skyshot, was scarier than it was fun. It would shoot you up, then drop you, then shoot you up again, with another drop following, repeatedly. Since I have a minor fear of heights, the drops really scared me. I thought I was falling to my death. I had my eyes closed almost the whole time. Once, a friend told me it was okay, and I believed him. I opened up my eyes, saw how high up we were – around fifty feet high – and screamed, “You lied to me!”. Then, I shut my eyes again. The ride I liked was the G-Force Accelerator. I was strapped to a slanted wall in a large building shaped like a teacup.  The building spun around very quickly. It was meant to simulate multiple G’s. Trust me, it did its job well. Once, in the middle of the ride, I lifted my legs up and was surprised to feel how heavy they were. They felt like they were made of magnets, sticking to my wall! Boy, was that day eventful!

Day 5:
Day 5 of Space Camp was extremely eventful! We watched an IMAX movie about the upcoming Project Orion. It was in a large dome, which was really cool but slightly distorted the images on the screen. The movie was astounding. It followed and was narrated by a former astronaut who worked with the Space Shuttle program. He did talk about the program, but then he talked about the cool knew thing: NASA’s first mission to Mars, coming up in the 2030s. NASA is designing a new rocket, a new probe, and new spacesuits. They are designing the Space Launch System, a combination of the Space Shuttle and the Saturn V. It will have an external fuel tank below the probe, and two solid rocket boosters on each side of the external fuel tank, just like the Space Shuttle. It will also be painted like the Saturn V rocket. Its height and weight will also be similar to that of the Saturn V rocket. On the same day, I did a simulated take-off and landing of the Space Shuttle Endeavour. That was really cool. We also went to a gift shop. I bought a really cool set of the Space Shuttle (containing cargo), three astronauts, one Kennedy Space Center sign, and an American flag. However, as we were about to leave, Ian was searching for a piece of his styrofoam runway. I was helping him, and as he picked it up off of the floor, I turned around and our group of 15 others was gone without anyone noticing our absence. After an hour or two, we were back with our group, but boy, being left behind was hectic!

Day 6: Of course, a glorious week must end with a glorious ceremony. We had a graduation ceremony, along with three other teams, and there were about twenty parents in the audience. We were each given a folder which contained a photo of ourselves, and a freaking diploma! It was a momentous occasion, and as I walked out with my dad, I looked at the Space Shuttle in the middle of it all… and smiled.

Author’s note:

This is indeed a true story. I would not lie to you about my own life story. Also, in case you’re wondering, Day 4 was skipped because I do not remember anything exciting happening on that day.

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