January Vaccinations

On January 5, 2015, my mom, my dad, and I got vaccinations at the travel clinic at Emory hospital to prevent diseases. Imagine a needle with a little bit of Rabies (rabies shot) getting poked in. That was what happened to me. My eyes swelled up in tears. A few escaped. Then a Yellow Fever vaccination that barely hurt came near my right armpit. I shortly lost track of it. It didn’t hurt later. Dad got four shots: Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis A. Mom got two. The first time she looked like she was about to pass out. Really, mom. On the second she nearly cried. What was it? It was either Hepatitis B or Yellow Fever. We will get more shots, but those are other stories!

Mom getting her shot
Mom getting her shot
Me getting last Japanese Encephalitis shot
Me getting last Japanese Encephalitis shot

2 thoughts on “January Vaccinations

  1. Hi James
    Your trip is obviously going really well.
    We are back in Manchester and looking forward to our 4th Grandchild due this week.
    Very disappointing loss by Man Utd yesterday-your dad will know we think!
    Well done for writing such excellent accounts of your travels.

    Love form

    Dolina and David


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