Education Galaxy HQ

Today I went to the headquarters of Education Galaxy, a learning program for kids. I got a sneak peek of a few things; better rankings and new games coming out in a few months.

I met the boss, Mr. Jeremy, and other members of the team. I think it was really cool.

I got my Education Galaxy T-shirt from Mr. Jeremy

Education Galaxy is an education program for kids that has questions and games to entertain and educate. I am using it because I need something I can take around the world, have fun, and learn at the same time. It is space-themed, and the games have different rockets you can choose from. There are different alien rankings, too. The ultimate one is an Alien Superhero.

This is me testing out “Zigzag”

While I was there, I got to play a round of the two new games, “Zigzag”, and “Asteroids”. I especially liked the game, “Zigzag”. They asked me some questions, and answered my own. I think it is cool that they are my sponsors. It was kind of like an interview.

Link to Education Galaxy

Stitching – By Lambie the Stuffed Sheep

Hi. I’m Lambie. Soon I will join James and his family around the world. Today I got “stitched”.  Whatever that means. Anyway, here’s the story.

I had had enough of our family monster ripping me apart. I heard my slightly older brother, James,  asking my mom to stitch me. Whatever that meant. The next day I woke up in sharp pains. When mom was done, I felt really good. I looked down at myself. My tummy was blue! I loved the new me. Later that day, I was put in a car (I had been in enough of those to know what they were called). In came James. Mom grabbed me and gave me to James. He cuddled me – a lot. “I love the new you,” he said.

Throwback Thursday – Ireland 2011

Bottlefeeding a lamb!
Bottlefeeding a lamb!

We went to Ireland in 2011. It was sheepy. No it was sheepish. No it was … well it had a lot of sheep.  Sheep in Ireland are like free range chickens in the U.S. Sometimes they are in the middle of the road! The owners have to paint their sheep so they do not get confused.


Starting in East Africa

Screen Shot 2015-05-24 at 2.47.37 PM





East Africa. We will be going to East Africa first. My parents’ friends will house us. Their names are Alex and Tabitha. They have two daughters. When we get there, one will be five and the other will be two or three. We will be going to Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda. I am most exited to see the giraffes in Kenya.

Meet The RTW Kid

DSC01433My name is James Antonio Marshall. By May 2015,  I am 9 years old. I was born on June 15, 2005.

We are planning to travel the WORLD and end up in PANAMA!!! We have it all planned. The budget, the “then and there” stuff, and re-planning.

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The Big Trip

USA –} East Africa –} Europe –} India –} Southeast Asia –} South America –} Panama

We are going around the world for 10 months starting in the USA and ending in Panama. That is the main part of this blog.

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Last day of school in America

This was my last day of school in America. We watched the movie “Hoot”.  We also had lots more extra recess. It is based on the novel by Carl Hiaasen. It is about saving the legally protected burrowing owls in Florida. I liked it.

I am happy that I do not have to go to school for the majority of the week. I am sad I won’t see my friends again.

Mostly I am looking forward to awesome summer and Clash of Clans.

My favorite part of the last day was watching hoot, eating pancakes, and drinking orange juice all at the same time. I loved it.

The note below is a good-bye note for my leaving with no return. Vishwa made it, and he got people he thought I would want to sign it , to sign it. Some wrote their own little note. It is obvious I have many, many friends. I even made friends with the teachers!

James Goodbye James Goodbye 2

January Vaccinations

On January 5, 2015, my mom, my dad, and I got vaccinations at the travel clinic at Emory hospital to prevent diseases. Imagine a needle with a little bit of Rabies (rabies shot) getting poked in. That was what happened to me. My eyes swelled up in tears. A few escaped. Then a Yellow Fever vaccination that barely hurt came near my right armpit. I shortly lost track of it. It didn’t hurt later. Dad got four shots: Tetanus, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis A. Mom got two. The first time she looked like she was about to pass out. Really, mom. On the second she nearly cried. What was it? It was either Hepatitis B or Yellow Fever. We will get more shots, but those are other stories!

Mom getting her shot
Mom getting her shot
Me getting last Japanese Encephalitis shot
Me getting last Japanese Encephalitis shot