Meet The RTW Kid

DSC01433My name is James Antonio Marshall. By May 2015,  I am 9 years old. I was born on June 15, 2005.

We are planning to travel the WORLD and end up in PANAMA!!! We have it all planned. The budget, the “then and there” stuff, and re-planning.

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8 thoughts on “Meet The RTW Kid

  1. What an amazing achievement at 9 years old! I am looking forward to reading your blog and sharing it as well. The world is an amazing place to explore. Way to go for finding your #LifeMeant at such a young age.

    I start my own world adventure in August while begin teaching 9-10 year olds internationally in Bahrain (Middle East). You can follow my adventure too! Check it out at

    Safe travels!!
    Amy @Ms_OMeara on Twitter


  2. I met James in Jinja, Uganda and he must be the coolest little dude I’ve ever met. What an amazing experience to get to travel the world at age 9! Also, shoutout to his rockin parents for being awesome and not being afraid of the world!


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