Education Galaxy HQ

Today I went to the headquarters of Education Galaxy, a learning program for kids. I got a sneak peek of a few things; better rankings and new games coming out in a few months.

I met the boss, Mr. Jeremy, and other members of the team. I think it was really cool.

I got my Education Galaxy T-shirt from Mr. Jeremy

Education Galaxy is an education program for kids that has questions and games to entertain and educate. I am using it because I need something I can take around the world, have fun, and learn at the same time. It is space-themed, and the games have different rockets you can choose from. There are different alien rankings, too. The ultimate one is an Alien Superhero.

This is me testing out “Zigzag”

While I was there, I got to play a round of the two new games, “Zigzag”, and “Asteroids”. I especially liked the game, “Zigzag”. They asked me some questions, and answered my own. I think it is cool that they are my sponsors. It was kind of like an interview.

Link to Education Galaxy

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