Backpacking London

Kids Westminster Abey

Me, my mom, and my dad had a 14-hour layover in London on June 25, 2015.

The first thing we did was have breakfast with our friends. Guy (the 9-year-old boy) had already finished his breakfast, while Coco (Guy’s 6-year-old sister) had patiently waited. After breakfast (which was cereal) we played soccer in the small field. Guy won against me and Coco and then me alone (He is a very good soccer player).

Then we had a tour of the city. ON FOOT. First we saw Big Ben. It was just a very a big clock tower.

Next we saw Westminster Abbey and Downing Street. I took a picture with the policemen.

Downing Street

Next we got hot dogs on a stand outside Westminster Abbey.

Hot dogs

We saw Royal horse-guards on our way to Trafalgar Square.

Royal Horse Guard

There the adults got lunch to go. We then walked to St. James Park. The adults had their lunch and the kids their ice cream.

James St. James Park

Lastly, on our way back we saw Buckingham Palace and for transportation had a small issue because the westbound District and Circle lines were down.

Buckingham Palace2

But we resolved it by taking an Overground train north and switch west. I think all the train system, with the names and colors are really cool.

London was very expensive ( but still- it was cool). To go in somewhere was about 20 pounds per person. To tour on bus was 30 pounds per person. And the “tube” (subway) to the airport (which was called the Piccadilly line) was awful. It was so cramped at the beginning. And it was hot. But, other than a few things, it was great.

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