Pants on fire at Bomas

Embu Son Hut
Embu Tribe Son Hut

My family went to Bomas of Kenya, a place where they held traditional dances. At the end of the Luo Drinking Party, where the people danced and drank and partied and drank and sung and drank till everyone got drunk and went home, some characters had a hard time getting home. One audience member was taken by the Luo but eventually came back and rejoined the audience.

Luo Drinking Party
Luo Drinking Party
Drunk Luo
Drunk Luo
Acrobats and fire

Then came the acrobats for the finale. They did some stunts then “played with fire”. One guy stuck a torch in another’s pants. The guy who got “torched” became angry. The “torcher” gave him a torch. The next time the man got “torched” he got revenge on the “torcher” by doing the same. Then one extinguished the flame by putting it in his mouth. Then the other ignited a “fire limbo”. They did the limbo like you or I would, except with fire. Then they lowered it to half the height and did the limbo. Then they decreased it to only two beer bottles high. Then one. But every time, they were successful. Then they did some more stunts, and it was over.

Acrobats Limo
All-body stunt

We then saw some examples of the styles of the huts of many tribes. We had fun picking which tribes we would like best based on the huts.

The huts in the Embu and another tribe were small.

Dad and I preferred to be Kikuyu. The huts were pretty large and the boys didn’t share a hut with any adults or the sisters, but with each other.

Mom liked the Luo best of all, being the first (and only (for eternity)) wife, since she had a large house and a verandah (sort of like a patio). Dad, being the husband disliked the husband’s example hut for the Luo, because even I had to duck to get in and out of the tiny, low hut.

Luo First Wife Hut
Luo First Wife Hut
Luo Husband Hut
Luo Husband Hut

The last one we saw was the Mijikenda. The huts were shaggy and small, like the Embu. But mom still liked it, probably because the first wife had the biggest hut in all the tribes. We enjoyed the experience, all of it. It was great.

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