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James of the Jungle

Dart Blowing2

It felt pleasant to sit there and enjoy the nature. Pretty soon, though, I wanted to get out of there. I felt something wriggling across my fingers. It looked like a tiny purple worm, but it wasn’t. It was a baby leech! My family and I freaked out, but mom eventually banished the little vampire from my body for good. I had only gotten lucky. When we got back into our hotel room, dad found another baby leech, fat from his blood, stuck to his leg! Then there were two in his sock! How frightening! After minutes of screaming, we got them off. Woo, that was close!

Making Dart2We also went to a village. We learned a little bit about the local culture, Orang Asli, which means Original People, and practiced the local method of hunting. We blew darts from inside long sticks of bamboo. It was almost as silent as air. Normally, the darts were poisoned, but for demonstrations, they were not. The local people are very peaceful; they never had a single war in their 4,000 years of living in harmony. The tribe that we saw were descendants of local people from Papua New Guinea, Australia, and Indonesia. To me, the most interesting thing about them is that the women fished, but not with lines or nets. They fished with their hands! We said goodbye to the villagers in their language, climbed down to the riverbank, and boarded the boat. Then, without expecting it, our boat surfed up some rapids, and we got soaking wet. We were laughing and screaming joyfully with our companions, and it was really quite splendid.

James with TapirLater that night, I was about to go back to our room to watch TV and eat pizza by myself, when we came out of the restaurant, and there, in the middle of the path, was a tapir. It seemed majestic. Its black hair, which covered the body, was white in the middle, such a white that it looked like powder. Its hair was short, and spiky. It had a very peculiar trunk, which was short and black, similar to an elephant’s. In the darkness of night, its eyes shined faintly, with big, round pupils. They appeared to have belonged to a puppy. It seemed to have jumped right out of a fairy tail, just like a peacock. Its ears and feet were very similar to the ears and feet of hippos. Weighing 550 – 660 pounds, you might think it was very big. Surprisingly, it only reached up to my chest, and was about 1 1/2 times as long as I am tall. Its outward appearance belied its true self. I was very surprised when I learned its true weight. I thought it was a baby! I found that its size had duped me, and that it was actually an adult male! I guess that what they say about books and covers is true!

Epic Athens

James Athens_4

We got out of the train. We barely even crossed the street when three Aussies stopped us to ask for directions. They wanted to get to the 1896 Olympics stadium that was rebuilt to look like the stadium that was already there in ancient times. There they held the 1896 Olympics, and 108 years later held the 2004 Olympics. We raced in the spot that people raced in thousands of years ago. People also raced there in the 1896 Olympics and the 2004 Olympics. People also died there in gladiator battles thousands of years ago.

After that we saw the temple of Zeus and took a few pics. It was never completed and no one knows why.

James Athens_8That night we went to the park by our Airbnb. There I met my Greek friend Costadinos. We played for hours in the playground.  That was fun!

The next day my family and I woke up early to see the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. The Acropolis Museum had a glass floor in parts. Through this you could see ruins of the ancient Greeks. They had a really cool LEGO Acropolis model in the Acropolis Museum. That was my favorite part of the museum.

Soon before night fell, we had our first Baklava. It was delicious!

The day after that we saw The Ancient Agora of Athens, which is an ancient public square where they talked about political issues and gathered for social events. This was built about 2,500 years ago with a sewage system! Wow! That’s crazy! We toured the actual area where democracy started. The actual area! We also got a great view of the Acropolis by the Temple to Hephaestus. It was amazing! On the way we stopped by a Greek Orthodox Church built in the 11th century A.D, over a thousand years ago. Next I fed the pigeons in Syntagma Square.

All this was after 8 A.M. Good thing it wasn’t before!

I really liked Athens because I got to play with a friend and saw a lot of things I was interested in.

Epic Murchison Falls Park

James and Globe

One day we left Red Chilli Kampala and took a five-hour van to Murchinson Falls National Park in Uganda. By the time we got there it was around dinner time. We ordered late and our dinner came at eight, one hour after we had scheduled.

That night a hippo walked into our camp. That was so cool! She grazed and grazed, blocking tents. When my father and I were in our tent, the hippo completely circled our tent. Then she grazed in front of our next door friends’ tent.

Gloria the hippo
Gloria the hippo

In the morning we were woken up early to go on a game drive. We saw hippos, warthogs, elephants, buffalo, Uganda Kobs, Jackson’s Hartebeests, and lions. When we got back, there were giant warthogs in camp! There was also a baboon on a picnic table. A couple hours later we went on a boat safari. We saw many hippos. We saw birds, too. When we got back Mom put in our orders for dinner and our packed breakfast. We stayed up late and chatted with our friends from England, Italy, Germany, and the US. The next morning, we woke up early, drove a mini game drive, then left.

Murchinson Falls Park is awesome!

Nyungwe National Park

Walking the Canopy Walkway
Walking the Canopy Walkway

Halfway through our total time in Rwanda, we found ourselves in the Butare/Huye bus station trying to get to Nyungwe National Park. In the end we got a taxi. On our way there, we saw a big chimpanzee. He crossed the road and kept on walking. The next day we took a 130-meter canopy walk. First we hiked down, then did the walk above the canopy, then hiked back. That day we walked our tails off because we had walked five extra miles in the tea plantations. That’s another post.

In the tea plantations
In the tea plantations

The day after we trekked for Angolan Colobus Monkeys. Their leader was very strange. She was a hybrid of Red-tailed monkey and Mona monkey. Colobus monkeys have many natural predators. Young are taken by large eagles, and chimpanzees will occasionally kill and eat adult colobuses. A colobus is no match compared to a chimpanzee. The weakest chimpanzee is 20 times stronger than the strongest colobus. Colobus Monkeys avoid them by sitting in little branches that cannot support the weight of a chimp. Chimps catch them by hiding in branches when they jump to branch to branch. The chimps kill Colobus Monkeys by breaking their necks. They are eaten with herbs, like a colobus casserole. But, their leader did not allow this, because when the chimps came, she would be in front. The chimps would turn around, because Mona monkeys are friends with chimps. We saw them follow the leader and we walked back through the tea plantations. I’m so tired but I don’t have to go to sleep now.

Colobus Monkeys
Colobus Monkeys

Education Galaxy HQ

Today I went to the headquarters of Education Galaxy, a learning program for kids. I got a sneak peek of a few things; better rankings and new games coming out in a few months.

I met the boss, Mr. Jeremy, and other members of the team. I think it was really cool.

I got my Education Galaxy T-shirt from Mr. Jeremy

Education Galaxy is an education program for kids that has questions and games to entertain and educate. I am using it because I need something I can take around the world, have fun, and learn at the same time. It is space-themed, and the games have different rockets you can choose from. There are different alien rankings, too. The ultimate one is an Alien Superhero.

This is me testing out “Zigzag”

While I was there, I got to play a round of the two new games, “Zigzag”, and “Asteroids”. I especially liked the game, “Zigzag”. They asked me some questions, and answered my own. I think it is cool that they are my sponsors. It was kind of like an interview.

Link to Education Galaxy