Top of the Acropolis
Top of the Acropolis

Greece is very diverse from place to place. You have very touristy things like the Acropolis in Athens and Oia in Santorini. You also have things like the refugee crisis in Kos.  In Athens, you don’t hear much about the tourist crowds on the Acropolis, though.

Acropolis Crowds
Acropolis Crowds
Acropolis Scaffolding
Acropolis Scaffolding

I liked Athens because I got to play with my Greek friend Costadinos. We had lots of fun together. I am very grateful for the time we had on the playground. I also got to see the Parthenon. It was very crowded and partly covered in scaffolding, but it was still amazing. It was so old but still standing, and so tall and just simply amazing. It also had some huge statues on the roof.

View from Ferry to Santorini
View from Ferry to Santorini

As we set off for Santorini, we boarded the Blue Star Delios. We took a seat in some chairs and I did school work. We ate at a cafe around the corner. I had a sandwich. I liked the boat, but it was all over too soon. We had already arrived in Santorini.

In Santorini I swam in our hotel’s pool and in the ocean. In the pool I dived for coins. Sometimes the coins would fall deep in the bottom, where I often couldn’t reach! I would climb down Mom’s leg and grab them from the bottom. I also swam in the ocean. I flew when dad threw me. I got very high!

Famous Blue Domes in Oia
Famous Blue Domes in Oia

I did a lot more in Santorini. One day we hiked to a rock outside of Imerovigli for sunset. It was quite a trek. It was worth it for the sunset, though. One day we went to Oia. We had amazing views of the ocean. We also took lots of pictures of the famous blue domes. Later we had some ice cream. On the same day that we went to the ancient Akrotiri, we also saw a Venetian castle. It seemed to have been transformed into a museum. It contained lots of Greek bagpipes. They were made of a goat skin, a cow horn, and two reeds on Santorini. The pipe varied from island to island. One of the pipes looked like a snake head.

Bagpipe Demonstration
Bagpipe Demonstration

We tasted wine, too. I was even able to get a sip of each. My favorite was the dessert wine (of course). In Greece, people start tasting wine when they are five or six. Woah! That’s young! We just missed the barefoot grape stomping for this year. Aww man! We had a great time at the winery. We even took a bottle with us!

Sleeping on the Ferry to Kos
Had to climb to get to bed!

Soon we were back on the sea again with the Blue star 2. This time we got a cabin and slept the whole way. It felt very short. The boat left at 12:50 A.M. That’s very late! We got to sleep for about five hours before we had to wake up to get off at Kos.

When we got off at Kos, dad took a walk and when he came back he had something to show mom and I. We saw the refugees in and around their tents. This made me sad.

The ferry to Bodrum was next. This was quite boring, but it was all worth it for the next fun adventure.

Chaos in Kos

There are no photos in this post because I believe it’s wrong to take pictures of other people’s suffering.

Woken up abruptly in a shake, I refused to get up. The only reason I did get up was because Dad had something important to show me.

We turned the corner and next to us was three tents, which looked only big enough for two people each. We walked down the street and saw the dinghies that the Syrian refugee  came on. The ones that weren’t sunk and below the surface were loaded and filled with trash. They appeared to only hold five people. Another street was filled with tents and Syrian refugees.

We explored a dock in the harbor. There was a banner talking about stray cats and dogs dying of starvation, but there are much more important issues in life. I experienced them in person, not on TV, or radio, but I actually saw it for myself. It is a trophy for the refugees just to get to Kos.

It makes me cry!

Special Santorini

James at Sunset

Santorini, the place where there are beautiful sunsets, also, lots of archeology, but something you don’t hear about…is local kids.

One of the reasons I like Santorini is because I got to play with local kids. There was a little basketball court close to our Air Bnb where we played. I went there many nights. I mainly played basketball with my friend Nicoleta.  I had so much fun !

One day I went to the Ancient Akrotitri. It was very interesting. People had lived 7,000 years ago. The site is 1.2 hectares big. That’s huge! There were so many ancient buildings there. There were some houses made of stone. Of course these were in ruins. They had been preserved by the ash of the volcano that erupted 3,700 years ago.

We also saw sunsets. They were so beautiful! It almost looked as if there was no horizon. We saw them from many different places, a different one each night!

All in all, Santorini is a place you want to go. The sunsets, the archeology, and more. It is all worth the long flight.

Epic Athens

James Athens_4

We got out of the train. We barely even crossed the street when three Aussies stopped us to ask for directions. They wanted to get to the 1896 Olympics stadium that was rebuilt to look like the stadium that was already there in ancient times. There they held the 1896 Olympics, and 108 years later held the 2004 Olympics. We raced in the spot that people raced in thousands of years ago. People also raced there in the 1896 Olympics and the 2004 Olympics. People also died there in gladiator battles thousands of years ago.

After that we saw the temple of Zeus and took a few pics. It was never completed and no one knows why.

James Athens_8That night we went to the park by our Airbnb. There I met my Greek friend Costadinos. We played for hours in the playground.  That was fun!

The next day my family and I woke up early to see the Acropolis and the Acropolis Museum. The Acropolis Museum had a glass floor in parts. Through this you could see ruins of the ancient Greeks. They had a really cool LEGO Acropolis model in the Acropolis Museum. That was my favorite part of the museum.

Soon before night fell, we had our first Baklava. It was delicious!

The day after that we saw The Ancient Agora of Athens, which is an ancient public square where they talked about political issues and gathered for social events. This was built about 2,500 years ago with a sewage system! Wow! That’s crazy! We toured the actual area where democracy started. The actual area! We also got a great view of the Acropolis by the Temple to Hephaestus. It was amazing! On the way we stopped by a Greek Orthodox Church built in the 11th century A.D, over a thousand years ago. Next I fed the pigeons in Syntagma Square.

All this was after 8 A.M. Good thing it wasn’t before!

I really liked Athens because I got to play with a friend and saw a lot of things I was interested in.