Special Santorini

James at Sunset

Santorini, the place where there are beautiful sunsets, also, lots of archeology, but something you don’t hear about…is local kids.

One of the reasons I like Santorini is because I got to play with local kids. There was a little basketball court close to our Air Bnb where we played. I went there many nights. I mainly played basketball with my friend Nicoleta.  I had so much fun !

One day I went to the Ancient Akrotitri. It was very interesting. People had lived 7,000 years ago. The site is 1.2 hectares big. That’s huge! There were so many ancient buildings there. There were some houses made of stone. Of course these were in ruins. They had been preserved by the ash of the volcano that erupted 3,700 years ago.

We also saw sunsets. They were so beautiful! It almost looked as if there was no horizon. We saw them from many different places, a different one each night!

All in all, Santorini is a place you want to go. The sunsets, the archeology, and more. It is all worth the long flight.

3 thoughts on “Special Santorini

  1. James, you are all over the place! Now I want to go to Santorini and play with the local kids. Maybe I should take my 12yo son with me. It would look better if he was the one playing.


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