Chaos in Kos

There are no photos in this post because I believe it’s wrong to take pictures of other people’s suffering.

Woken up abruptly in a shake, I refused to get up. The only reason I did get up was because Dad had something important to show me.

We turned the corner and next to us was three tents, which looked only big enough for two people each. We walked down the street and saw the dinghies that the Syrian refugee  came on. The ones that weren’t sunk and below the surface were loaded and filled with trash. They appeared to only hold five people. Another street was filled with tents and Syrian refugees.

We explored a dock in the harbor. There was a banner talking about stray cats and dogs dying of starvation, but there are much more important issues in life. I experienced them in person, not on TV, or radio, but I actually saw it for myself. It is a trophy for the refugees just to get to Kos.

It makes me cry!

5 thoughts on “Chaos in Kos

  1. That must have been quite a site to see and I can’t get over how even in the face of such suffering and chaos some people are still so staunchly against helping. The situation is the same in parts of Turkey and Calais in France.
    Just made a post about a movement that has been started in Wrexham, Wales where I live to try and help which may be a worth a look if you have the time to spare and I hope some form of stability comes in soon where you are.


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