Packing Preparation for Perfect Panama

James in Panama SuitcaseI had to go through all my stuff and I only had one giant suitcase to put it in. That was all I could take to Panama because we are selling almost everything and traveling  to five continents for ten months. I packed most of  my stuffed animals, some books, one board game, and ten cars. I also packed a starter truck. It was very hard. One of my stuffed animals wouldn’t fit, and I couldn’t pack any more cars. I didn’t have room for anything else. I wish I had more room. But I  am still grateful for the stuff I do have. Now I realize how lucky I am. Even if it doesn’t feel like much, I know that there are some kids in the world with not even an eighth of that. I packed the most important stuff, so I am happy.

The Big Trip

USA –} East Africa –} Europe –} India –} Southeast Asia –} South America –} Panama

We are going around the world for 10 months starting in the USA and ending in Panama. That is the main part of this blog.

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