Packing Preparation for Perfect Panama

James in Panama SuitcaseI had to go through all my stuff and I only had one giant suitcase to put it in. That was all I could take to Panama because we are selling almost everything and traveling  to five continents for ten months. I packed most of  my stuffed animals, some books, one board game, and ten cars. I also packed a starter truck. It was very hard. One of my stuffed animals wouldn’t fit, and I couldn’t pack any more cars. I didn’t have room for anything else. I wish I had more room. But I  am still grateful for the stuff I do have. Now I realize how lucky I am. Even if it doesn’t feel like much, I know that there are some kids in the world with not even an eighth of that. I packed the most important stuff, so I am happy.

4 thoughts on “Packing Preparation for Perfect Panama

  1. Good perspective James. Very mature thinking by you! As long as you have your folks and Lamby you’ll be fine. You get to have an experience most people only dream about. The items you chose will become very special to you as will the time you get to spend with your family.


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