On Monday, July 13, we heard of an organization for street boys, Getting Involved with African Street Children Organization (GIASCO). It is run by Gerald, the bar manager at our hostel and his wife, Sarah. We heard about it by talking to him and Sophie, who was a nursing student for another organization in Jinja for the summer. We decided to check it out. We went to the home were the street boys lived.

It had a nice big yard, a big dining room, a medium-sized kitchen, and an outside kitchen/office, as far as I saw. The dining room was also the entry room, and it had a very accurate map, and the reason I consider it accurate is because it included South Sudan, which most maps don’t do. It also showed every flag of every country. It was a nice place, and it was just as good of a organization. The boys are provided with food, water, shelter, and education. The organization pays for their school fees, because school in Uganda is not free.

I played a little soccer with the boys. We ate dinner with the boys. It was posho and beans. Posho is like Ugali, which is like a cake made of maize with no icing. It is not sweet at all. It is bland on its own, but with something else it tastes just like that other thing. The boys were really nice.

5 thoughts on “GIASCO Boys

  1. Hey James! I love your blog entries. You know I’m a teacher, right? So I’m going to ask you some questions. What were the ages of the boys? Were they all teenagers? Younger? What was the significance of the map in the front room? Why was the kitchen outside? The next 2 questions are just to think about, not necessarily answer. What do you think about these boys and their future? How does meeting them affect yours?


    • The youngest boy was 9 and the oldest was 17. The map was in the front room so they could learn from it. The kitchen was outside because they traditionally cook outdoors in Uganda.


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