Rafting the Nile River

Me, Jamie, and Jade
Me, Jamie, and Jade

Sploosh! “James, look up!” I refused to obey my father. I was scared. Next time, I decided.

The whole time we rode with two girls named Jade and Jamie. They are nice girls that live in Uganda and raft the Nile a lot. They are about my age. Jade told me all about every single rapid. She sometimes asked our guide for information.

We had just finished the rapid Retrospect. The next rapid we rode was part of the rapid The Bad Place. Then was the rapid Vengeance, which was a little scary. Next we surfed on a rapid called The Little Wave. It was actually a little wave. Afterwards, we rode Hair of the Dog. That was the most fun. Next was Cool Shaker. Finally was my favorite… Nile Special.

It was so much fun. I looked up on all of them except Retrospect. I think that rafting on the Nile is awesome and that everyone should do it.

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