The Grilled Migration

I saw lots of Ostrich on MY grilled migration!
I saw lots of Ostrich on MY grilled migration!

On Saturday, in Kampala, Uganda, we went to a restaurant called The Lawns. They served all kinds of wild game including Springbok, Blesbok, Ostrich, Kudu, Crocodile, Impala, and occasionally Wildebeest. I ate an ostrich burger. Mom had a Kudu steak. And Dad had a game meat platter. He could have chosen four of the six following: springbok, Blesbok, ostrich, kudu, crocodile, and Impala. His first choice was Impala, because he just had to have Impala in Kampala. He also chose crocodile and ostrich, because he wanted the bird, the reptile, and the mammal. He also chose kudu. He says the reason for this is “‘cus I kudu it”. The ostrich burger was the one of best burger I have had since I was born. That’s a long time!

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