Lake Kivu Islands

Napolan Island - James

The other day, we took a boat tour of a few of Lake Kivu’s many islands.

First we boated to Napoleon Island. Then we got out and hiked. As soon as we got out we saw some 🐄🐄 cows. Then we saw a snakeskin. We walked on the trail. There was a lot of 🐄 Pile of feces cow poop on the trail. We heard loud screeching noises all around us. We thought our guide said they were birds. When he showed us, they were not birds. They were bats. Huge fruit bats. They freaked out my parents.

At the top of Napolean Island
At the top of Napoleon Island

When we got to the top, our guide showed us 🐄 cow island. I called it Older man Cat faceTropical fish Grandpa Catfish Island because it looked like an old catfish. There were many 🐄🐄 cows on Older manCat faceTropical fish Grandpa Catfish Island and Napoleon Island. We got back down, saw many lizards, and then saw the 🐄🐄 cows again. Some of the 🐄🐄 cows were calves.


Then we headed to King Island. There we saw a Monkey monkey. We gave the Monkey monkey some BananaBanana bananas. He peeled and ate all the BananaBanana bananas.

Then we went to Peace Island. People camped on it. We swam there. We had to head back because there was a storm.

Our day was fun. We had seen a Monkey monkey, some 🐄🐄 cows, bats, and lizards. It was a very exciting day.

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