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Hey everyone! Now it’s time for me to leave Rwanda. Loudly crying face. Rwanda is the densest country in Africa that is not an island. It is one of the smallest countries in Africa. The only country that is smaller is Burundi. It also as twelve million people. That’s amazing!

These are my favorite things about Rwanda.

The number one hotel in Rwanda that we stayed at is Hotel du Lac in Rusizi. It is the best because it has a restaurant, bar, pool, and a pool table. The food was good, too.

The top three restaurants in Rwanda that we have eaten at are Top View Hill Hotel Restaurant, Bourbon Coffee, and Shokola. Top View Hill was the best, and Shokola was number three. They have good food!

I had lots of fun. My favorite activity was touring the Islands in Lake Kivu. It was so fun! I also liked trekking Colobus Monkeys in Nyungwe forest. That was fun, too.

Something else that was fun was learning about their cultural history. I learned that the they used hunting dogs before they were colonized. They gave their dogs wild game meat to eat. I also learned that they made fabric from bark. I learned that the Belgians built a modern palace for the Rwandan King. I also learned that the traditional king had a milk hut and a beer hut. A virgin girl was to live in the milk hut. No men or boys were allowed in the milk hut. A virgin boy was to live in the beer hut. No women or girls were allowed in the beer hut.

In Rwanda, there are many kinds of primates. I learned that they have over 15 different kinds of primates in Rwanda. These include gorillas and chimps, humans and colobi, and all kinds of monkeys.

That lunch was goo-ood!
That lunch was goo-ood!

The food was good, too. I specifically liked the dairy and the break from vegetables. There aren’t many green vegetables in Rwanda. The only vegetables in Rwanda are starchy vegetables like corn and potatoes. Peas are also in the diet of the locals. They also had some goat, cow, and fish.

The people were very nice. They were very helpful by giving directions when we needed them. They beamed when I said “Muraho”, hello to them in their language. They said “Muraho” back to me. They were very friendly.

It was all like BOOM! It was awesome. Rwanda amazed me, because I knew nothing about it before I started. Before the trip, I thought it would be open savannah. No one would think that a part of Eastern Africa like Rwanda is hilly and chilly. I have never been in more of an amazing country.

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  1. That picture of you in the orange shirt in that orange chair is quite interesting. You almost look like a half-human half-spider hybrid.
    You are becoming quite the expert on primates.


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