Playing with Pirates


Do you like cruises? I do. Do you think the castles and museums are interesting? I do. Do you have taste buds? I do. If you said, “I do,” to every question, then you will like Bodrum, which is on the Aegean coast of Turkey.

IMG_3497One day we wanted to find a place to eat out. We came to a local place and got two plates of food. We don’t know what we ate, but it was so good. It was delicious. I would definitely go back there. Of course that is what we did. We went back two more times.

Walking the castle wall

The next day we woke up early to go to the Crusader castle, which had been converted into a museum. There was a good mix of both Crusader castle and underwater archeology museum there. I didn’t get bored of either. One time we stumbled into a church which had a model of an ancient sunken ship! I recommend that to you, if you ever go to Bodrum. It was fun and interesting.

Walking the plank
Walking the Plank

Another thing I recommend is the Black Pearl day cruise. About 1/2 of the ship was a sun bath, if you like that. Most of the trip was swimming. We went to one place called the aquarium, which is not actually an aquarium. It’s part of the ocean. It had lots of fish and the water was so clear that you didn’t even need to snorkel.You could throw them bread and watch them jump up from the surface.

Bodrum is very awesome. You never get bored in their underwater archeology museum. They have some pretty cool cruises. The best thing, though, is the food. Turkish food is so good!



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