Touching History

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Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a family who had plans to travel the world. The boy had a blog, and his name was James, also known as Round the World Kid. One day they went to Ephesus, Turkey. The family knew that Ephesus was an ancient city, one of the biggest of its time, and that it had originally been a major port city, but as deposition of sediment from the Meander River increased, Ephesus became further and further from the shore. The trade went down. Ephesus was no longer a port city. Today it is at least eight miles from the coast.

Ephesus Panorama
Ephesus Panorama

The family walked on the same streets that Saint John, Saint Paul, and Saint Mary did about 2,000 years ago. The family saw the famous library and the giant theater in Ephesus. The family also knew that the library was built before Christ and it had three floors.They also knew that it used to be a university and it had been destroyed by an earthquake in the 3rd century A.D. The family saw that it was not a complete library. James though that it obviously still is important today and that it was white. James saw that only the facade was left and that it had all kinds of carvings in it. The family saw that the theater was very big. James compared its size to a building. The family saw that it was made of white marble. James said it made him feel small and insignificant.

James later said, “I enjoyed Ephesus. We didn’t have enough time to go to Saint Mary’s house, but it was still amazing”.

All good things have to end, though. As the family left Ephesus, they found four kittens and two puppies. James thought they were adorable.

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  1. It was great meeting you guys, loved hearing about your space book idea and who knows maybe we will run into each other some day. It was a nice evening in Selchuk
    Danny and Astrid from Amsterdam


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