Coming Home Again

My Granny with me and my cousins
My Granny with me and my cousins

Hey readers! Last time you saw me I was in Ephesus, Turkey. But one day we got very sad news that my granny died. We had to go back to Houston as soon as possible.

Her celebration of life was so fun. All of my cousins were there. Before and after that day I went to my cousins’ house to play some video games. I played Monster Legends and Minecraft. At the celebration of life, we all shared memories for the first bit, but it was mainly a party.

4 thoughts on “Coming Home Again

  1. James, I’ve loved reading your posts. What an incredible adventure — so many great experiences and meeting all the kids who are now your friends. I’m very sorry about your Grandmother. I’ve heard she was a wonderful lady. I’m glad you have these great pictures of her. Love – Pattie


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