Bad Kitty

Pushkar - Cat on bed

One day in Pushkar, I had to do math, but I could play Goat Simulator for 15 minutes first. When my timer rang, I was going to do math. Then I realized that our room had no internet connection. So I got all of my stuff together, then I opened the door. There was a cat sitting right outside the door. The cat ran in the room, then jumped up on my parents’ bed, and laid down. I picked her up and carried her out of the room. She followed me back in the room and crawled under the couch. I chased her out from under the couch, then she climbed under my parents’ bed. I chased her out from under there, then she laid on my bed. So I picked her up and carried her far away before I put her down. How stubborn she was! The process repeated, but she came back yet again. It took five times before I could finally get out without having to hassle with the cat. Then I couldn’t find the lock. I found the lock, packed up, locked the door, and then the cat followed me almost all the way to the steps. When I got up there I tried so hard to remember the Wi-fi passcode. After I got connected to the network, it was not strong enough for schoolwork.

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