Good Food, Tasty Food, Delicious Food, Heavenly Food



The night market in china town, downtown Melaka, Malaysia. What delicious wonders lie there! Grilled duck on a stick, sautéed quail eggs with mayonnaise, fried squid with crispy skin, octopus with dark, runny sauce! These were all items that could have been found in our stomachs not too long ago! How tasty, extremely enjoyable, hard-to-ignore, strips of flavor! It was certainly an ideal place for an eating tour. Many things we came across, we loved. Most things! It became our daily routine… or nightly routine!

As you can see, we had no trouble finding good food in Melaka. It wasn’t just the night market that I liked. I also loved a restaurant called Capitol Satay, where you can pick your raw food, and cook the satay in a Chinese-style hot pot, full of a boiling hot spicy sauce. I thought that cooking it was very fun. The food was good, too. I washed off my food, because the sauce was much too spicy for me. It was delicious! I could understand people driving for two hours just eat there. People will often wait up to two hours just to eat there – and I can’t blame them. It is supposedly one of the best restaurants in Malaysia – a country known for food. Now that’s a title!

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