Lots and Lots of Fun


IMG_0997I moved my hand over the screen. The screen automatically picked a different section of the Kuala Lumpur skyline. I learned about many different buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Then we all flocked to the elevator, and rode to the top of the tower in only a few seconds. From that height, people, even cars, were invisible. The KL tower was lit up around the corner from the opposite twin tower. It was so fun being up there.

We did more fun stuff in Kuala Lumpur, like going to the aquarium. One part that I liked was the conveyor belt that went through a massive tube underwater, and it had to be at least three times longer than the tube in Atlanta. I also liked the part were you were filmed on a beach backdrop, and the producers did a special thing with the film, so that dinosaurs appeared to walk on stage. To make sure it wouldn’t look weird, they showed you the video while they filmed it, so that you could see what was going on.

Another very fun thing we did is an escape room. This escape room was not like the escape room in Budapest. As the story went, we tracked down a dangerous magician to his lair, but he disappeared right in front of us. We had forty-five minutes to find him, but because he was a magician, he laid out puzzles for us to solve. After a while, we had some help from a friend, but when we escaped, we found out that Hocus was too fast for us, and had disappeared! We were disappointed, but we still had a great time.

Another very fun thing we did is we went to the KL bird park. In one part, some birds were free range, and we watched male peacocks with complete plumage try to convince some females to mate with them. The bird show was amazing, too. We watched as a macaw did the shell game, and won! It was quite splendid. Kuala Lumpur may be one of my favorite places in the entire world!


2 thoughts on “Lots and Lots of Fun

  1. Hi James I stalk you. I wanted to email you sooner. How are you doing? At school we just had winter break. I went to Florida and went sailing. Bye, Gavin


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