A Buzz with the Bees

Picking Strawberries


We got out of the bus, and stepped into the greenhouse. Butterflies hung to the sides everywhere! I must reiterate: everywhere!  Their cocoons were hanging on a vertical block of wood. On the other side, there were cages with other creatures. They had massive walking sticks the size of your head! They also had rhinoceros beetles (or stags), which were about the size of my palm. Then there were lizards, having a tasty breakfast of crickets. So were the scorpions. The crickets would try to climb up to the leaves of the bushes, so that they could eat. Also, there were big bullfrogs the size of my face.

Buzzing Bees
Buzzing Bees

Then we visited an insect that uses nectar and pollen from flowers to make honey. We had a buzz with the bees as they went inside their hives and back out. One lucky bee even managed to escape a spider’s web. Amazing!

Afterwards, we got some great pictures of tea. We did all this at Cameron Highlands, a place known for tea, bees, and butterflies. Don’t forget the strawberries, which you can pick yourself, and have a delicious smoothie made out of! We had a great time! Honestly, I keep vacillating between the bees or strawberries. I don’t know which one is my favorite! They were both great. Who says you can’t have two favorites.

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