Mayo Papaquayo


Majetic Macaw
Scarlet Macaw

The beautiful, green birds were very noisy. The males, unlike the females, had a little bit of red on their wings. We were at Macaw Mountain, a place where birds were rehabilitated and possibly released back into the wild . Right afterwards, we saw the macaws. They were beautiful! They were majestic. One of them even dropped a feather. It would be perfect to make a pen out of it.


Next, we saw the green macaws. One, previously abused, wanted to attack us. Another one was curious. We also saw toucans. The difference between males and females was obvious: the males had massive beaks, while the females’ beaks were much smaller. We also saw some owls. One cage contained some Great Horned Owls. Disappointingly, they were a smaller subspecies than the ones that we were used to. Another five very small, brown owls.

The baby owl was curious

Near the cage, on a post and chained in place, was a baby owl, even smaller. His huge pupils took up most of his eyes. He was chained up so that he could get some exercise while not walking off to dangerous places. His wings had been clipped by the previous owners. However, his wings had only been clipped once. We saw some macaws that had been separated from the others. These former pets had been kept outside, but the previous owners had clipped their wings over and over again. Well, by the time they’d escaped, having clipped wings was natural to them. The mutilated their own wings. They would also chase around other birds and try to mutilate their wings. If their victim was caught, it wouldn’t fly.

Lastly, we saw the showcase birds. I got to take pictures with macaws. What a way to end our time at Macaw Mountain Rehab Center!

2 thoughts on “Mayo Papaquayo

  1. Hi James,

    What beautiful birds! And you got an actual feather…..what a great souvenir. It’s so sad what some terrible people do to beautiful, defenseless animals. It makes me really angry, too. I’m glad you and your Dad & Mom got to go to this rehab center. Sometimes it takes seeing the hurtful side of life to make a person swear they will never be the same. And maybe they can educate other similar people so they become good people. Love you, James — keep up the wonderful posts! — Pattie


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