Honduran Adventures



Left, right, left, right. It was very hard kayaking up the river, because the current was so strong. I simply couldn’t do it. I had to strap my kayak to mom’s. Once we got to the lake, however, I was kayaking around and swimming. We had to race back to the docking point, because it got dark very fast. I liked that trip.

LizardAlso around Lake Yojoa, we hiked to a mountain with two humps. It was called “Cerro Las Nalgas”, which translates to “The Butt Cheek Mountain”. That’s funny! It was a long and tough hike that was very steep. Your legs would collapse on the way up and you would fly off the mountain on the way down. We, of course, were way too overpowered for that. Hahaha. I do have to admit, though, that I nearly fell off the mountain several times. The other hike we did was much easier. It was in a protected coffee plantation/nature reserve . There was a hotel in the middle of the reserve, which had a swimming pool. The reserve also had the remnants of ruins of the stadium where they played a game like soccer hidden below the earth. While exploring, we saw some really funny lizards with thin crests above their heads. They ran on two legs, with the other two flailing about in midair. I found them hilarious. Who couldn’t?

Don’t assume we didn’t have anything to do at the hotel. I swam in the pool, but it was icy cold, so I couldn’t stay in very long. Dad taught us a new game. In this game, there were no jokers. We each got 17 cards. Whoever started could play whatever card they wanted, as long as it wasn’t a spade. The other players had to play a card in the matching suit. Whoever had the highest card won the book. Then they put down a card from their hand. Pretty simple. Although, if someone was to run out of a suit, they had to put down a spade. If there was a king and queen of hearts with a two of spades, the player who had put down the spade would win. How is that possible? Well, spades are like jokers. The only thing that can beat a spade is a higher spade. Thus, the ace of spades is unstoppable. We played for hours. What a way to end our time at Lake Yojoa!

A great time with part of our family!

Honduras is full of magical, memorable experiences. One of these experiences was when we had a vacation with Tío Alberto, or “Uncle Beto”. We were going to a town called Amapala, on an island called Isla del Tigre. We were going because Tío Beto’s son, Albertito, had to run in a marathon on the island. Things didn’t go as planned, though. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get the place that Beto normally stayed at. Although, we did get a nice hotel with a swimming pool. We did explore the island. The short trip was really more like a road trip – an enjoyable one, though.

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