Quaint Kirstenbosch

It was the beginning of a beautiful day, and mom and I were walking into the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens near Cape Town. We were instantly hit the sight of beautiful, lush greens trees and shrubs and everything in between. We walked between a row of powerful large trees and a relaxing green field as we looked for the sign pointing us to where we were headed: The Canopy Walk.

We walked between collections of fascinating plants, across quaint stone paths, and finally found the dense collection of trees where the canopy walk was said to be. Right as we walked in, we saw a giant, gnarly walnut tree, with younger kids playing on it. And all around us were huge trees and beautiful plants. We wandered around in there, entranced, looking at the forest around us as the soft mulch crunched under us. We did find the canopy walk after a few minutes of enchanted wandering, and it was amazing. Looking down upon all those amazing plants, upon the mulch paths and the people walking on them.

But by far, the best part of that canopy walk was the view. It was high up above everything else, and the glorious mountains shone in the sunlight. It was beautiful. And soon it was over. We were back into the forest with the mulch paths, and explored around the gardens from there. One part showed plants from the time of the dinosaurs. Another part showed plants unique to the Cape of South Africa. And a different part showed plants traditionally used in cooking and medicine. The botanical gardens turned out to be wonderful. If you ever find you have time in Cape Town, that’s somewhere you need to go.

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