Adventures with the Aunt

We’d been in South Africa for 11 days, and had already had a wonderful time. We’d seen penguins, we’d ridden a Ferris wheel, we’d been to a farmer’s market and a botanical gardens and a beautiful beach. Things were about to get more awesome. Because when I woke up that morning and walked out my room, there was a new face in the cabin: my dad’s cousin Helen. I saw her every Christmas and every Thanksgiving and every family holiday, and I knew having her around would make things fun and unique. My dad had a lot of cool things to show her, and she was excited for everything.

We started off my showing her the farmer’s market, with all of its different flavors and food stalls. There, we bought pasta for dinner, biltong (dried meat) for snacking, and avocado toast and a sandwich croissant for breakfast. The food from the farmer’s market was all amazing, and I loved the woodchip floor that felt soft but firm underfoot.

If you know me well, you’ll know my dad’s birthday is on July 15th, and that means a long day of cool and amazing experiences. He took off work that day and took us to see the penguins, which were much more active than the last time. We loved watching them waddle around, enter and leave the water, steal sticks from other penguins’ nests. Everyone loved watching them, my Aunt Helen especially.

We then went on a long drive to a surprise location. I know dad was probably talking about it the whole way there, but I slept the whole drive. We stopped along the way to get some lunch, I ate some unusual fish and chips, and we kept going. After a lot of driving, we finally reached the coast and dad finally revealed his big surprise.

More penguins!

The penguins were so cute as they waddled around, laid around, anything. We even saw a small group walking down the road! Sadly, it was turning late, and we had to leave pretty quickly.

I couldn’t wait to see what dad’s planning and Aunt Helen’s excitement would bring us next.

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