Cooking Class

It was just starting to turn dark, and we walked inside a building in an urban Cape Town neighborhood. We were greeted by a pair of locals into what seemed to be a small restaurant. We weren’t only there to eat, though.

We were taking a traditional cooking class.

Before it started, they offered us interesting snacks and wonderful drinks. We tried all 5 snacks: beef, worms, termites, dried baby fish, and peculiarly shaped peanuts. I loved the peanuts more than anything, but only the fish tasted bad.

First, mom and Aunt Helen were called up to cook the chicken. Then, it was my turn, and I cooked the beans. Fill a bowl with water and put it on the stove, then open the can and pour the beans in. I also poured in some tomato sauce, then let it cook.

Dad, cooking the pap, had the most difficulty. He had to use a lot of his strength to stir it, and it became more difficult as it cooked.

The meal turned out amazing. It was delicious and if I hadn’t eaten so many peanuts while it was cooking I would’ve eaten multiple plates of it. The cooking class was a great experience and I hope I can do something like that again.

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