The South African Excursion, Part 3: Serious Safari

The car rolled into a gravel parking lot, and we got out. We were at our next stop on our roadtrip through the countryside: a beautiful safari resort. Waiting for the room to be available was a pain, but when we finally got in, it was beautiful. It was a dark wood building, small but spacious, and I loved it. I nearly fell asleep as we waited for the safari, but thankfully, I didn’t.

The safari was a bit cold, but it sure was nice to snuggle up in a blanket while spotting rhinos and cape buffalo and zebras. There were hippos and ostriches and baboons and eland. There were baboons at our rest stop, which the park rangers fended off. We even saw a few lions as they walked up the mountain. And on our way back, we saw an elephant and a giraffe.

We had a lot of time afterward. After some encouragement, I went to get my book from the car, and there was a huge bird in the parking lot. A secretary bird. I took picture after picture of it, trying to give it a wide birth. However, I once asked it to look at the camera, and then it bit me on the finger. I had to get a band-aid. Still, it was a beautiful bird.

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