South Africa’s Final Charms

It had been a few days after our roadtrip through the South African countryside, and we decided to take Aunt Helen somewhere special, somewhere we’d been before without her. We were taking her to Cape Point.

We had lunch at the cafe before, making sure to keep the birds away from our food. But one of them swooped in and stole a piece from Aunt Helen’s sandwich! She completely panicked and refused to sit back down, and mom, dad, and I found it hilarious.

Me ready and prepared to shoot some birds in the face

After lunch, we took the sky tram up the mountain and climbed to the lighthouse. The views from up there were amazing – it was like we could see the entire coastline. And that’s how South Africa stunned us for the last time, with a sight that we’d still see in our minds as we left a couple days later.

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