Three Snakateers

Jumping into the lake


All of the monkeys distracted us from the fairly obvious snake coiled up on the branch. It was black, with yellow spots. Good thing it was nocturnal! Since it was day, the snake was asleep. Whew! We saw another snake just like the other. Then we saw a baby python, and the man rowing our raft went right under it.

We had more fun in the lake nearby. One night, we went to find nocturnal animals. All we found was a civet and a kind of jungle deer. Still, we had a great time listening to music while gazing at the countless stars, talking, and letting our boat float with some young adults we made friends with.

Also, one day we went into a cave. It was full of bats, and in some places I had to swim! My bulky shoes and soaked socks were so heavy I was basically treading water. It was freezing cold, too. Brrr! We found spiders left and right! Some as big as your hand! Talk about breaking your face!

At the floating hostel, I jumped off the diving board. Once, I fell so long that I stopped holding my nose! I sure did regret that!

Swinging on a rope into the lake
Swinging on a rope into the lake


Lastly, we went to a hill on a faraway island. We swung from the rope and plunged into the water. It was so fun! It could have been one of my highlights of Southeast Asia!


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